About Us

Earth Power company is a producer and a distributor of high quality dietary supplements which improve the condition of your body every single day. Formulas of our products are basis of thousands of years of experience and knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine. They combine both the quality and the technology of contemporary laboratories as well as the power and the experience of  pharmacognosy.

We are young, dynamically developing and entirely polish company. We are very proud of it especially due to the fact that our products have been made available internationally for many years. Our products have received many certificates acknowledging both the ultimate quality of the production methods as well as their positive influence on body.

We are happy to see that in spite of the increase in speed of life more and more people pay special attention to their heath and turns to traditional ways of treatment by choosing  our natural products instead of those offered by pharmaceutics market. Apart from health we are giving you the possibility to create consumer market in turn for profits derived from the sale of our products. Become our Partner to join the group of healthy, happy and financially independent people.

We believe that you will also discover the power of nature present in our products and the chance to build your closest environment with us, step by step,

Our Products

Phyto Life

Phyto Life is a composition of 16 herbs and plants which healing properties are known for centuries. This unique composition has advantageous influence on our body functions, bringing it to balance so to the state of... Czytaj więcej

Phyto Man

PhytoMan is an unique product designed especially for men. Similarly to Phyto Life it is composed out of 16 herbs and plants which healing properties are known for centuries. This unique composition has advantageous... Czytaj więcej

Phyto C

Phyto C is, above all, 100% natural and well assimilating source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, vital for out organism. Extract of malpighia glabra, sambucus nigra, Rosa canina and lemon aids plenty of... Czytaj więcej

Fit Fast Maca & Vanilla

FIT FAST program was created by specialists whose aim was to select ingredients of the finest quality which will support our everyday diet and body nutritioning, and to prepare aromatic and tasty meal in the form of... Czytaj więcej