Our Philosophy

Why do we do, what we do? Because we believe in people. We hold the opinion that a healthy, smiling person who is financially independent can not be stopped and has power and potential to create his/her reality. Our partners are proud and ambitious people, who love their lives and love sharing their passion with others. The energy you are sending to the world comes back to you twice as powerful, so make sure it is good and pure.

Our company is not yet another pharmaceutical group which products you can see in advertisements or billboards hanging in your city. We bring the wisdom and thousands of years of experience deriving from traditional far east medicine.

Formulas of our products were composed by experts of pharmacognosy in cooperation with our research council. They combines centuries of experience with the latest achievements of modern pharmacology.

Our products are marked by the way the are produced. The unique formula is not everything The most important part for us is the extraction of the best elements from each of our ingredient. The whole process of extraction, mainly from Asia, is personally supervised to make sure it complies with the rules of traditional Chinese medicine. Our products are concentrated on maintaining correct homeostasis in the body and on keeping the right balance between spiritual yin and yang.

That is why when choosing our products you will not only gain health improvement but also your mental well-being will be uplifted.  As Hipocrates said: "Let the food be the medicine, and the medicine be the food".

Our Products

Phyto Life

Phyto Life is a composition of 16 herbs and plants which healing properties are known for centuries. This unique composition has advantageous influence on our body functions, bringing it to balance so to the state of... Czytaj więcej

Phyto Man

PhytoMan is an unique product designed especially for men. Similarly to Phyto Life it is composed out of 16 herbs and plants which healing properties are known for centuries. This unique composition has advantageous... Czytaj więcej

Phyto C

Phyto C is, above all, 100% natural and well assimilating source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, vital for out organism. Extract of malpighia glabra, sambucus nigra, Rosa canina and lemon aids plenty of... Czytaj więcej

Fit Fast Maca & Vanilla

FIT FAST program was created by specialists whose aim was to select ingredients of the finest quality which will support our everyday diet and body nutritioning, and to prepare aromatic and tasty meal in the form of... Czytaj więcej